How to lose Weight Doing Nothing, 5 easy Steps. - By: Terry Shadwell

Losing weight can be very hard for some people. However, there are ways to help yourself, and it doesn't take any more energy than what you are expending now.
1. Reduce food intake - If you are feeling like you want to lose a bit of fat then be cautious of the amount of food you are eating. Many people over eat. Instead of eat till they are satisfied they stuff themselves. This extra food that they cram into their bodies is not going to burnt off, it is just going to turn to fat. So when eating, enough that you feel full but not stuffed.
2. Drink Water – One of the biggest problems in modern society is the amount of carbonated sugar drinks that are being consumed. The amount of soft drink that people consume is staggering and the big problem is these drinks are all full of sugar. Instead of drinking water people drink these sugar drinks, and they do not quench your thirst. The sugar in these drinks will only make you thirst in half an hour. Water is the best thing to drink. No sugar, not additives and it quenches your thirst. It can't be beaten.
3. No Junk food – One of the banes of model society. We all love chips, lollies and chocolate, but the problem is we love them to much. When we get hungry instead of reaching for some fruit, we reach for the junk food. We sit in the movies eating salty popcorn, ice creams or chocolate and drinks soft drink. Most junk food has nothing in it what so ever that is remotely healthy and yet we consume it every day. So next time you have to have a nibble, grab some fruit and leave the chip behind. You will feel better.
4. Reduce Snacks - Snacks, do we need them? Eating between meals is seen as the biggest problems for weight control. It's not that eating between meals is a real problem. An fruit at morning tea is not a problem. The problem is when people eat junk food and over eat. They almost have four major meals per day. Nobody will ever tell you not to eat when you are hungry, just eat healthy food and only eat till you satisfied.
5. Eat healthy food - I think some people have a problem with what healthy food is. Healthy food is stuff that is good for you, such as meat fish, poultry, vegetable and fruit. Not only that it is food that has not been cooked in oil or that has been altered so much that the only thing left of the original is the name. The best food is the stuff that you prepare yourself. It may take time but it taste better and you will feel better for eating it.

So without doing anything, just by following those simple steps you can reduce you intake and intake of rubbish and start losing weight and feeling better.
Let me know how you go.

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