Template Designing - By: Brian Trane

Today, in this competitive and aggressive corporate world, where everyone is trying to leave the other behind, a website proves to be vey useful to represent a business and gain potential customers for it. A carefully designed website can help improvea business to many folds. Although a considerate amount of expenses will have to be spent, it will be worth it if spent wisely.

To develop a website, one approach is to seek the assistance of a professional web developer who will design and create the website according to the requirements of the business. This approach is expensive and time consuming but the after effects are remarkable as a unique website will be designed based purely on the requirements. Another one is to avail a Website Template Design and this is what our article is about.

A Website Template Design is a pre designed website which holds all the necessary characteristics of a fully functional website.The website template design has editable and non editable portions. The template design is thencustomized to a complete website by addingcontent and assorting the web pages. This is a cheaper and lesser time consuming process as compared to former.

Nowadays, as the rivalry in online businesses has amplified and not everyone has the resources to afford hiring professional web designers for their website design; template designinghas become a huge success. Not only is it cheaper and time efficient, the website can also be conveniently updated or modified without any external help or extra cost.

Website Templates are made in many formats out of which HTML and Flash templates are widely used. A site built on an HTML template is more user and search engine friendly in structure. As HTML is a very basic and simple language, it makes it very easy to customize the template according to the need and requirement of the user.HTML sites are light weight and allow search engine to crawl the website and give a good page ranking. Also, due to its light weight, the loading time of the site is very low.

As far as Flash Templates are concerned, they may not be as user and search engine friendly as HTML template built sites but they still have an edge over HTML websites in style and design. Glamorous and creative Flash template designs add extra attraction to the site and magnetize the attention of viewers. This is the reason why flash templates have become a popular web design and marketing tool these days. Even though flash bring creativity to the website, it must not be overdone. If applied too much, the site will become bulky and take longer time to load resulting inthe losing interest of visitors.

An important issue is to choose the more suitable one out of the two templates according to the requirement of the website. For example, if the site is displayingproducts and requires presenting them in a classy and attractive manner, a flash template will be the right way to go. Similarly, if a site is being designed for letís say some affiliate, the simpler and more professional it will look, the better. Web portals, Ecommerce websites and big web applications are also not developed using flash. A flash template is not necessary for such a site and an HTML template will be the smarter choice. But in the end, the site created must be an efficient one that loads quickly and presents the content of the site in an impressive way with easy navigation.

Website template designs are available on the internet through both open-source and commercial websites.Open-sources websites give free template designs while commercial websites offer their template designs, specially designed by professionals,for a price. Usually, commercial websites offer template designs alongwith web hosting and other features in the form of packages. They provide richer quality of template designs as compared to open-source websites.

It should always be kept in mind that web templates are responsible for building the image of the company, business or individual for whom the site has been built. Web templates play a vital role in the growth of any business over the internet. That is why special care and attention must be given while designing or choosing a web template.

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