Make Money at Home With Wealthy Affiliate University the Fifth and Sixth Months - By: Tony Maichl

One afternoon toward the end of the fourth month of unemployment you decided to join the membership site. A decision you hope will be life changing and will start you on the road to make money at home with your computer. You cannot afford to pay a year up front so you opted for the monthly payments and begin your education in internet marketing.

If you are wondering what leads people to the decision to join a membership site, there are a few things. The first might be a you tube video they found that a member of the membership site made that gives you an inside tour of the site, the forum inside the site, and all the tools that would be at their disposal. The second might be their website itself, which is not a one page site. Most of the other sites they have visited are one page site with "Buy Now" buttons every other paragraph. The membership site has six pages including an about page, a success page, FAQ page, what's included page, and of course a home page and a join now page. This is about six times more information than any of the other sites visited.

That brings us to today. Are you, after four months with the membership, learning how to make money at home with your computer? Answer yes. There is so much information available that it will take you a long time to learn it all. They also include very advanced techniques, the good thing is, you don't need to learn it all before you can start to make money. You don't use trial and error techniques because they have already done that. If you're wondering, has anyone started to make money at home with their computer after six months? Here again I hope that this answer will make you think long and hard before you start buying things that aren't worth the money they are asking, or before you join a membership site. Yes, some have started to make money at home with their computer. Their four-month average would be about $100.00 a month.

That's Ok because any previous self-employed business owner knows there is not a business out there that you can build overnight and expect to make a profit right away. The fact is that 75% of all new small businesses fail within the first year and of the 25% that make it past the first year only about 5% will make it more than five years. I had a business that I profited from for twenty-nine years before our failing economy drove it into the ground. I know building a new business will take long hours and a lot of hard work but I did it once, went to school, learned a trade and built a business from the ground up now I am going to do it again.

By no means do I want anyone to join or buy anything just from reading these articles. You absolutely need to do your own research. Decide for yourself what is right for you. My goal in writing these articles is not to influence anyone into joining or buying anything but rather, try to make people aware of the fact that if you don't do your homework diligently, you could waste a lot of time and money like a lot of people do. I have come to the conclusion that if all these other sites gave you the whole truth and explained, that in order to benefit from their products, you would need to know the ins and outs of internet marketing first, they would not be making the kind of money that they are.

After finishing this article I discovered that the first six-months of an Internet Marketers journey filled five full pages so I have decided to publish this story in five parts this is part five, the titles of all five articles are below.

Make Money With Computer the First Month
Make Money at Home With Computer the Second Month
Make Money at Home With My Computer the Third Month
Make Money at Home With Your Computer the Fourth Month
Make Money at Home With Wealthy Affiliate University the Fifth and Sixth Months

I am publishing this article and the other four articles in the hopes that I can save people who are searching the internet for a way to make money with a computer the aggravation, frustration and money that I went through to try and survive our failing economy. There was only one place that I found that I honestly feel does not try to deceive you into buy things you don't need, that is where I finally ended up.

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