Getting The Right RF Antenna Cable - By: Dean Cortez

If you have had problems getting a signal for your radio or television, then you probably need an RF Antenna cable. Knowing what connects with the wires is something you need to know in order to get the most out of your television or radio.

When installing a television or radio, there are a lot of preset menus that you can now use to get the best channels. A lot of modern products use these to recognise clearer signals and translate them into television channels or radio stations. This memory is useful during installation as it can ensure you get a consistent setup for your television or radio.

There is a wide variety of connectors for your cables but broadly they fit into F and C connectors with various miniature and sub miniature types. You can check online for full tables that can show you the transmission powers for each brand and this is worth looking at to get the best one for you.

With any antennae cable or coaxial cable you need the correct connectors. A coaxial cable is an electrical cable with an inner conductor and a tubular insulted layer. The main types are often referred to as C or F connectors based on their shapes. There are lists online for all named products but they can broadly be grouped in miniature types, micro miniature types, sub, precision, flange and quick lock. Again, a local electrician or an experienced electrical sales assistant can show you what is appropriate for your television or radio.

There are various different types of connector, but can broadly defined as F and C connectors. Typically there are numerous different brand names and a professional can advise you on the best one for your own personal needs. Looking at charts online can show you the best levels that can get you the best possible picture. If you own an older television you can get an adapter to suit a newer connector. Likewise you can do the same for older connectors for a new television, which is particularly useful if you have only recently replaced an older television.

The power of your antennae is measured in watts or milliwatts. As the output increases, it increases demand on the power supply. If your main power supply is solar or batteries, use the minimum output.

If you are unsure whether you can do that, you may want to get a cable professional to help you install it. There are numerous demonstration videos online that can help you get the most out of the signal. Always follow safety instructions that go with any cable you purchase.

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