Release The Hidden Value Making Use Of Your Whitetail Hide - By: Ethan O. Tanner

An important product of your deer hunting is the leather hide. You may send this hide into several tanners, or tan it at home by yourself. Here are ways to make your deer hide useful and valuable.

After removing your hide, stretch it out and rub about two pounds of salt on the flesh side. Then fold the edges to the middle, roll up hair out and place in a box or a burlap bag. There are many tanners throughout the nation that will tan this deerskin and manufacture leather accessories from your hide.

A small deer,80 to 135 lbs dressed, will give you 6 to 8 square feet of leather. A medium deer,135 to 180 lbs, will yield 9 to 11 square feet of leather and a large deer will yield 12 to 16 square feet of leather.

This tanned leather may be used in gloves,3 sq. ft., handbags,5 sq. ft., garments, 50 sq. ft., wallets, 1 sq, ft, moccasins,3 sq. ft., travel cases and more. Tan your hide and enjoy the benefits of soft, supple, strong deerskin leather.

For a wall hanging, it is fairly easy and practical to hard-tan the hide yourself. This leaves the hide stiff, rather than pliable. Essentially, hard tanning is as practical as soft-tanning if the hide is going to be used as a trophy wall hanging.

Another use for your deer hide is to save and dry out the tail. Cut the tail off, and use it for tying trout flies and buck tail lures.

Leather Unlimited in Belgium Wisconsin has several easy do-it yourself tanning kits. These kits may be used to tan your deer hide or other hides into useful and valuable hair on fur hide or leather hide. Thes kits are an excellent way to create value from your deer hides and craft useful leather and leather products for your enjoyment.

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