Aside from dog bites, what are the commonest animal or pet-related wounds in California? - By: Yacinth Baillieu

There isn't any getting away from it; we are a nation of pet lovers! In fact , a California personal injuries lawyer explains that, according to the American Pet Products Association's annual survey, over seventy million houses in America contain 1 or more animals. These are broken down as follows, 88 million moggies, 74 million dogs, twenty-five million small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils etc, 14 million horses and 13,000,000 reptiles. These figures aren't inclusive of any exotic animals kept privately including lions, tigers, monkeys and chimpanzees. It's no wonder then with all these animals that injury caused by animals is indeed humdrum.


Out of these, dog bites are by a large margin the most common, with an average 4.7 million reported cases annually. Dogs can be unforeseeable and due to this a dog which will appear submissive to its owners can be assertive to others. Problems include absence of or bad coaching, poor breeding practices, provocation, fear and stranger anxiety to name only a few. Sadly youngsters can be at heavy risk because they spend some time playing with the animal.

They're generally less experienced at reading the indications of dog behaviour and might not be able to pre-empt a dog attack. Bite wounds are the commonest kind of injury, and the more severe cases may need several bouts of corrective surgery. Infection is also an issue, because a bite from an un-vaccinated animal may lead to a possibility of rabies. If you've been affected by a dog bite thru no fault of your own, then a professional team of CA personal injury attorneys with a dog bit attorney can be useful.


Over one million cat bites are also reported in the States every year and thousands more go unreported. Though a cat bite or scratch may seem harmless enough, in actual fact, cats can carry more diseases than dogs. Folks are particularly in danger from cat bite/scratch when they have underlying Problems like kidney or liver failure, diabetes and degenerative joint illness. Then this is when widespread complications can happen.

Youngsters younger than the age of 10 and folks over fifty are also more likely to develop issues from cat wounds as their immune systems are not as powerful as other age groups. Bites or scratches routinely happen when a moggy is frightened, suffering discomfort or defensive.

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