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When a sports enthusiast wishes to select a suitable holiday location, the first choice obviously will be a place that comes as a holiday resort as well as provides for playing sports. There are many such people who love their sports so much that they travel abroad to watch the matches being played by their country abroad and cheer them on.

Sports adventure holidays can be packed with fun, and adventure. You can do a lot of things like rock climbing, river rafting, rappelling to simply checking out the countryside on bicycle. You can explore various options of either taking up and learning some new sports like golf, tennis etc with a local sports club or talk to the tour companies that offer family and individual tailor made adventure tours.

I wasn't disappointed. From the moment we hopped off the passenger ferry at the pretty port of Naxos, we were whisked away by our Group Leader to the nearby resort. Here we were literally open mouthed. Even as we cruised through the entrance, families were learning how to windsurf, kids were sea kayaking and dads were swimming and playing crazy golf in the substantial grounds. As far as activity holidays were concerned, this all looked pretty cool, even to me.

You get to play hard during the day, get tired and evening spend exploring the various pubs and eateries in the local place and have fun. Some clubs let you play exhibition matches with local talent, which can be a lot of fun too. The resorts have quite a few in house adventure sports and recreational sports facilities with professional coaches to train the guests. From spending days learning golf and enjoying outdoors to learning to swim and dive or playing billiards you have ample opportunities to be sporting around.

Trekking is one of those unique Adventure Holidays activities that can be highly sociable. but when you want it you can savour the space and expanse to yourself and feel like you are the only person for miles. You are sure to return from your holiday invigorated and with a boost in self satisfaction and confidence at what you have achieved on your trip, having plenty of interesting tales and often a collection of new friends.

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