Useful Pointers For Having A Safe Road Trip - By: Courtney Franco

Excited for that much awaited and well deserved vacation with your loved ones? You've prepared everything already - from the itinerary to the food and accommodations. For a comfortable trip, you even rented a car so as to avoid the hassles of taking public transportation or joining packaged tours. However, so that you can have continued fun and pleasure while on the road, preparation for a vacation must also include taking to mind these safety trip tips.

Availing the services of a car renting company involves choosing a car from its roster of vehicles for rent. There are a number of considerations when making that choice. Firstly, the number of passengers shall determine the size of the vehicle to rent including the baggage that you will bring. The kind of engine transmission also matters, so pick which you will most be comfortable with.

Opt for manual transmission (M/T) cars if you want to have more control over the car. It's more economical since it uses less fuel. However, if you feel you want to have an easier time, then opt for the automatic transmission (A/T) type.

If it's just a short trip and there are just a few things to be brought, the sedan type, which can comfortably sit up to 4 passengers, will be a good choice. But for a week-long vacation, consider leasing a van or a multi-purpose vehicle so that all of your belongings can fit with no trouble at all. Do not forget to load all things inside trunk prior to leaving the car rental company garage.

Always remember to bring with you a child booster car seat or an infant car seat if you will be traveling with small children or a baby. The seat ensures that the child is kept safe in case of road mishaps or accidents. If you do not have one, inform the car rental company ahead of time and request for one. Some companies would normally not charge additional fees for a child car seat, but be prepared with a little amount of cash just in case you get billed for this.

Particularly for very long trips, it's a must to keep kids well entertained to prevent temper tantrums along the way. Gather your kids' favorite play things, books, art materials, movies and pillows and then stash them in a handy bag for easy retrieval.

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