Why Pick Our Black Tungsten Rings? - By: Henrietta Baw

People choose to wear tungsten rings for their strength, durability and long lasting finish. Tungsten rings are luxurious, dependable and classy. They are also virtually maintenance free due to their extreme hardness and long lasting polish. Tungsten carbide rings easily outlast silver, gold and even titanium jewelry, keeping their spotless shine for a lifetime.

Men wear tungsten rings for their classy finish, their durability and their long lasting design. Whether you are on a business trip, or changing the oil on your car, a tungsten ring is the perfect accessory for class, comfort and dependability. Due to their extreme hardness and fine, scratch proof polish, tungsten rings are maintenance free and last longer than silver, gold, titanium or nickel, keeping a peerless and untarnished finish that will last a lifetime.

When it comes time to clean your tungsten ring, remember that all you need is a soft cloth and some soapy water. Hand lotion additives, dirt and hand oils can accumulate on your ring that can give it a slightly discolored appearance. With a quick clean, your ring will will be as shiny as the day you bought it. Do not clean your tungsten ring with a supersonic cleaner, a steam cleaner or with harsh jewelry cleaning chemicals. These methods can cause spotting or discoloration on your ring that cannot be removed. Tungsten rings are denser than both steel and titanium. You will find that they are virtually impossible to scratch or scuff. From the moment you slide it on your finger, you will feel the incredible handcrafted quality and superiority of your tungsten carbide ring.

A nickel binder is the preferred formulation for tungsten carbide rings, as many other binders can cause your ring to discolor with wear. Many inexpensive rings use one of these lesser binders, and aren't pleasant to wear or look at!

Tungsten carbide is four times harder than titanium, twice as hard as steel, is virtually indestructible, and has been widely used for decades in industrial applications such as cutting tools, mining machinery, and rocket engine nozzles. Tungsten Carbide is a pretty amazing material. It is well known for its density and durability, and is used for many industrial applications - as well as for rings. Its rare and unique qualities is what allows it to be the perfect durable, beautiful substitute for gold, platinum and silver in jewelry.

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