Thoughts Of What To Do With The Pet Ashes Of Your Most Loyal Friend - By: Aletha A. Barrows

When something happens to a favorite pet, letting go can be a very tough thing for you to do, but coming up with a good idea of what to do with the pet ashes can help you grieve and honor your little friend at the same time. Putting together your own special pet memorial service will give you a great outlet for all your pain and grief and will give you a way to honor your pet; whether they were a little dog you've had for over a decade or your old house cat that has been in your family for as long as you can remember.

Your family pet may have lived the majority of their life indoors, always by your side and not every more than a whistle away. When such a loyal pal lives so close to you, it is even more traumatizing to have to part with them, so many people purchase decorative pet urns that are specifically designed to hold an animal's ashes as a keepsake that you can put anywhere in your home.

Outside pets were full of spirit and loved to run around and play, often spending a lot of their time in their favorite spot. Many people buy cremation urns to store their pet's remains in and bury them in their favorite outdoors spot or wherever they seemed to enjoy their selves the most. If you want your pet memorial to be even more wonderful, you might want to plant a tree over the spot you choose to bury them in.

It is not uncommon for people to remove the lid from their pet urns and let their friends' ashes blow in the wind over a place that they really admire, symbolically setting their spirits free. If you are in favor of this lovely sentiment and would like to do the same, you could choose anywhere in the world that you think is a great place to be or just speaks to you in some way, or a place that you simply think your pet would have loved.

Since this was your special friend and you are the one who has to mourn their passing, you should be the person to think of what to do with their pet ashes, whether you find immaculate cremation urns to keep them in or think of a sacred place where you could spread them over the earth. If you really want to make sure you get it right, just take your time and think of something that could help you mourn while honoring your friend in a way that they deserve.

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