The Significance Of Vannas Scissors - By: Michael Obrien

Surgical procedures require the use of various instruments. Some of these instruments come in big sizes while others are small like vannas scissors which are ideal for eye and ear surgery. It is important to know about these instruments to know what is used during one's surgery.

Small tools are usually used for ophthalmic or eye surgeries. These surgeries are done to correct conditions such as glaucoma and cataract to prevent the progression of blindness. Other surgeries are done to treat misalignment of the eye muscles and refractive eye conditions.

The ocular entrance is small and may be a hindrance for passage of surgical tools. Since surgeons can only perform minimal incisions because of the nerves surrounding the eyes, they need to use an eyelid speculum for better reach. This will be placed on either side of the eyes and can be adjusted.

All kinds of surgeries require surgical blades and knives. These will aid the doctors to perform an incision. It is essential that they are sterilized to prevent complications on the eyes and the rest of the system. There are several variations of these knives and all are smaller in size compared to the usual knives.

Surgical sutures and needles are used in every kind of surgery. This is because these two will be utilized for to close surgical incisions. Sutures can either be nonabsorbable or absorbable. Needles can vary as well, depending on the kind of surgery done.

Another commonly used instrument and is very important is the forceps. This scissor-like tool cannot cut any object. However, this is used to hold other instruments and pickup other substances. Its locking mechanism prevents objects from falling off.

Aside from these tools and the vannas scissors, essential supplies for wound dressing is also needed. Gauze come in different shapes and sizes. Some types of gauze have indicators one them. Betadine solutions are also used when the incisions are about to be closed.

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