Dental Implants Indianapolis Dentists Are Restoring Full Oral Function - By: Michael Obrien

For millenniums various cultures have battled to find a solution to replace missing teeth. However it is only in the last 60 years that successful and lasting solutions have been found. The unique bone bonding properties of titanium gave scientists the breakthrough to create artificial roots for implanting. At dental implants Indianapolis surgeons have honed their expertise to a fine art and are daily doing life changing implanting procedures.

Teeth are not only essential for total oral function but also play a large role in the appearance and overall look of the face. Gaps caused by teeth lost through injury or oral neglect has the unfortunate tendency to age the face. Replacing lost teeth with titanium implants also ensures that jaw bone mass is not reduced.

Once the process is completed a titanium root is as secure as any other natural teeth in the mouth. Unlike dentures that make embarrassing noises implanted teeth do not move at all. Having full chewing ability also allows people to eat a variety of healthy foods.

Each implant has its own root and does not have to be attached to other existing natural teeth and therefore causes no damage. Although it is a lengthy process the final result makes it worthwhile and patients who follow a healthy home oral regime may find their implants last a lifetime.

Generally healthy people who do not smoke fall into the highest success rate category. The height and density of the jawbone is also a determining factor to the level of success attained. Each root is custom made to match the root it is replacing. This causes the least amount of trauma to surrounding underlying structures such as nerve ends and sinuses.

Once the healing period is completed a zirconium enhanced titanium holding post is screwed into the root. A ceramic crown is glued onto the post and full oral function is immediately restored. With this procedure dental implants Indianapolis surgeons are doing life changing oral implanting.

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