Philippines Holidays:Attractions That Make Manila Holidays a Splendid Experience - By: John Roney

The Philippines is defined as Asia's pearl of the orient. The history of the Philippines is filled with culture, century old churches, ancient forts and modern museums. Philippines offer the best of nature with white sandy beaches, forests and modern resort facilities. The country has an extensive coastline and is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Philippines are blessed with a moderate climate making it an ideal sun holiday destination.

The Philippines mainly consists of three islands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. All these three islands have their own beautiful places waiting to be discovered by travelers. In Luzon, the churches in Ilocos are famous because they have been well -preserved. Paoay church in Laoag City is famous because its walls are made with different shells. The Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao are called the 8th wonder of the world by the Filipinos who are very proud of these beautiful structures.

The second important place for touring Philippines is the Hidden valley springs. Hidden valley springs are considered as the familiar resort situated in Alaminos in Laguna. The valley is located at the foot of mountain Makilin and the mountain is termed as the mystical mountain of myths. The mountains are filled with number of hot springs, huge fruit trees, tropical shrubs and flowering plants. It has big cottages for holidaying and it acts as an ideal base for visiting the towns of Laguna and Quezon. The third important spot in Philippines is Laguna. Laguna has beautiful sceneries. Laguna province is termed as the largest in the country. The towns of Calamba and Los Barios are surrounded with swimming pools and resorts. Many of the tourists visit this place for spending their summer vacations. The famous ancestral house of National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal is situated here and the house has now been converted into a museum. The volcanic mountain Makiling stands as barrier for the town.

The next important location for your Philippines Holidays is the Siargao Island. This island is newly discovered and has lots of white sandy beaches and surfing waves. This place is situated 800 kilometers from Manila. The Siargao Island is considered as a mass of tropical land with scores of reefs, points and white beaches. It has provided as a surfing Mecca in the discovery during 1993 by the American photographer John Callahan who investigated the rumors of spectacular waves.

Along with these star attractions, still there are many more interesting sightseeing places in the city that have enough charm and magnetism to make your Manila holidays thrilling. Satisfy your shopping desires with a stroll around the attractive shopping malls or street markets and shop till you drop. If you just want to spend some romantic moments with your beloved in a serene atmosphere then simply head towards Manila Bay. Waterfront location, open-air cafe and restaurants and relaxing environment provide an ideal setting to end your day. So pack your bags now and be ready to make your Manila holidays a splendid experience with its wonderful attraction sights. Along with these, enjoy cheap flights to Manila or book through bargain flights to Manila and save extra amount for more enjoyment. Visit for more beautiful Attractions for your Philippines Holidays.

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