Get The Mane You Want With NeoGraft Hair Restoration Dallas - By: Michael Obrien

While women worry about wrinkles and sagging as they age, the number one issue for men is their hair. There is nothing close to the scrutiny and worry that goes into wondering if what they have is thinning. Well meaning, but useless, advice tends to be that men should embrace this issue and just go ahead and shave their heads. In actuality, this option is probably only good for about 10% of the population, but for the rest there is NeoGraft hair restoration Dallas.

Grafting has been the hot solution for over a decade but it has finally been refined in the NeoGraft system. Before, physicians would work by hand and and patients would deal with incision makes and, sometimes, results that looked less than natural.

Thankfully, the automated NeoGraft system has revolutionized the restoration industry and has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration. The FDA does not give its endorsement lightly and, instead, required reams and documentation and results from those who are seeking the agency's approval.

This is because the transplanting is done one hair at a time and can become fatiguing to the physician that is doing it making for sloppy work as the time wears on. Also, with this increase in time the amount that actually takes was not as high as it should have been.

This is where the NeoGraft comes in and you can be sure of its credentials since it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has a rigorous and time consuming procedure in place for anything that is looking for approval and this system was no different from anything else.

Because it is automated you can do more hairs than ever before in one sitting and the rate of successive transplant is higher than any other grafting procedure. With NeoGraft hair restoration Dallas you also don't have to deal with any scarring and can be in and out, ready to get back to your life, in as little as one day. NeoGraft hair restoration dallas

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