Contemporary Art Quenches Contemporary Man's Artistic Thirst - By: Regina H. Short

The intentional outcome or the mechanism of sequencing distinctive objects that are of symbolic importance, in such an array that it appeals for the human feelings, senses, and the intellectual capability, is called art and such an artistic production in one's own age is termed as contemporary art. This genius of aesthetic creation is normally applied in the number of sub divisions with the similar broader category of artistic information. These sub divisions usually include things like painting, photography, sculpture, film, literature and music.

Taking in view our own era, the contemporary art covers a diverse range of creations, activities, and modes of expression and their starting point being the end of World War II (fought between 1939 to 1945). So the year 1946 marks the beginning of the contemporary artistic productions and this view is supported by the museums of the contemporary works of art. Anyhow, another definition of the art restricts it into the present era art only. Regarding the meaning of the art, aesthetics, a branch of philosophy, is called into aid while other branches of the knowledge like psychology, sociology, and anthropology serve the purpose of relating the art with humans and their generations. Skill or mastery as the traditional meaning of the art was thwarted with the advent of Romantic Movement which defined art as distinguished ability of the human intellect which should be placed among science and religion.

The term postmodern has also come into the vogue referring towards the art developed through the later part in the twentieth century and what belongs for the 21st century. The terms previously in practice like fine arts and the low arts no more play the role of dividing the art into two main categories which is due to the fact that the modern day and post modern well-known culture combined with all the high contemporary art, opposes the old ideas and thoughts.

The most well known movements with the 21st century, i.e. the very first decade of the 21st Century A. D. are far more than a dozen. It implies the contemporary art is flourishing quickly as a result of due consideration and laborious efforts produced in this field. The most influential of these is often summarized as Alter-modern, Virtual Art, VJ Art, Super-stroke, Videogame Art, Super-flat, Stuckism, Street Art, Relational Art, The Kitsch Movement, Cynical Realism, Pseudo Realism, and Classical Realism, etc. All this really is not carried out by a single soul but in reality the sapling of this progress has been nourished by a number of volunteers' efforts across the globe.

The most important aspect of the art of any age is directly or indirectly related to the public taste and attitude towards it. As the primary purpose of the literature and art is to appeal to and ultimately please the tired human heart, this is also an accepted reality that despite the abundance and easy access to the huge number of alternatives and substitutes to the purpose of art, the contemporary art has neither lost its taste nor appeal to the modern man. It is equally endorsed, read and appreciated by all and sundry. Moreover, it is the art which keeps the traditions alive.

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