Where to Put Your Water Fountains - By: Stanton Harper

Water Fountains are becoming more of a trend and indoor and outdoor decorating and accent item people tend to find themselves wondering where they can place them for ultimate value and appreciation. If you are looking to bring natural beauty inside the home look at places like entrance ways or foyers, living rooms where they can be the focal art piece or kitchens where people tend to gather and will be able to enjoy the beauty of sights and sounds. Wall hanging fountains are the perfect wall decor and are very inviting with their accent lighting and gorgeous color schemes. Tabletop fountains are also a joy to have indoors as you can place them right next to your favorite chair and relax and unwind by your fountain at the end of a long day.

It is very important that you choose a room that would maximize all the benefits that a water fountain gives. The living room is a great place if you spend most of your time entertaining. But if you want to take a break from your busy life then you may want to put it in a more private room. Of course, you can also choose to install a beautiful tiered fountain in your garden or patio.

Water fountains are available in various sizes and shapes. It should be obvious that smaller sized fountains are better suited for inside the home while larger ones are appropriate for the outside. You can also have wall mounted for indoors if you want. An outdoor fountain however, should be big enough to act as the centerpiece of a garden.

You also have to make sure that humidity or even water droplets will not damage anything nearby. Even on the best constructed wall hanging fountains there's the potential for droplets of water to travel underside the basin. So don't put anything made of wood near the fountain or other delicate surfaces that can be damaged by the water. You will want to consider traffic patterns where you put your fountains. If people are constantly coming in and going out in the place where the fountain is you have to check if they have enough space to get by the fountain without brushing up against it? Are children likely to play in the water? Are animals likely to drink from the fountain? If so, you might want to consider relocating your new fountain.

To avoid the problems along the road it's important that you choose the best and the right place for your fountains. It can be done if you will plan ahead. Planning ahead will allow you to figure out not only where to place your fountain but also what type of fountain will work best. You may be thinking that wall fountain is already the best for you but along the way when your check the area you may find out that garden wall fountain isn't the best for you.

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