In Home Dog Training Secrets You Have to Know About - By: Andrew Morgan

Tell me the truth-you've always dreamed of a tail-wagging, happy-barking dog to fetch you your slippers when you come home from work right? If not this, you've probably thought of some other similar scene perhaps? Well, you are not alone. So many people want a well-trained pet but not enough people take the step of having them trained. You can try obedience schools, but why enroll them there when you can always do it yourself.

Why is that? Why do we sometimes feel like training our pet is a huge undertaking we are not always up to? Sure there are dog obedience training schools out there, but why spend so much money when we can do it ourselves?

There are so many helpful dog training DVD and literature you can use to help you mold your pet into the next Lassie. Search engines will lead you to reliable pet websites that will give you tips and useful information on the secrets of happy pet owners and other experts on the field. Here are some dog training tips that are simple enough for anybody to use.

Dog crate training is one of the first things you will need to teach your pet. What is crate training? It is teaching the animal to go to his own space, his crate, as his personal spot away from stress. This is particularly useful when you decide to travel. You can just tuck him safely inside his crate and he will be happily wiling away the time with his toys, without causing damage to things and people.

Dog crate training is perhaps one of the first things you have to teach your pet. For those of you who are not sure what this is, it is basically training your pet to stay in his space-a crate, as a secure place for him to be. This is highly useful, especially when you travel. You can safely tuck him in his crate for a few hours without concern whether he is doing damage to anything or anyone.

Teaching your pet to be sociable is one important aspect of canine training. Introduce your pet to people of all ages, genders and groups early on so he will be comfortable with people when he grows up. If he is, the chances of him becoming aggressive and dangerous will be slim. Be kind but firm when you deal with the dog. Never compromise your status as his master, but never be harsh with him as well.

Socialization is one of the most important things you will ever impart to your pet. Make sure you surround him with people and other animals as early as you can. When he is comfortable with people, he will less likely become a threat to society. Be firm in your training; but always do so with kindness. Never compromise your position as his leader; but never treat him harshly as well.

The best thing to make your in home dog training effective is positive reinforcement. Be armed with doggie treats and a lot of praises. Dogs are simple creatures with a sincere desire to please his master. Enjoy this special time with him even as you train him how to be a good dog. Rest assured-- it is time well spent.

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