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The services offered to patients who are diagnosed as having dual diagnosis, have been fundamental to beginning them off on the right path towards rehab. These services are not just beneficial to the person with dual diagnosis, conversely additionally to his family and also the community, workplaces colleagues as well as the society at large. This is because before remedy the patient is most probably affected to such an extent that he's unable to be productive anymore. This makes it prudent for the patient to know what the process of admission is like.

The process of admission is largely dependant on each specific dual diagnosis capacity but there are some principles that run across the board. While most prescription facilities demand for a face to face interview between them and also the potential patient, others require the patient to fill an application form with his details, send it through email or snail mail, revenue some fees and even then wait for feedback on whether there is space obtainable for fresh intake or not. Some wish this method extremely when the dial diagnosis is in a different location very far from them.

Whether someone shows up for the face to face interview or fills the form and also mails it, the major outcome is that as much information about him is made well-known to the dual aptitude. This information is thereafter assessed and a decision made on whether the person needs further testing along with evaluation. This period of further testing and even evaluation assists the dual diagnosis ability in determining the individual's level of affliction while additionally giving them a rough picture of how the process of remedy will be conducted.

The info made obtainable through either application form or interview, is useful in helping the facility find out whether they are able to provide the true kind of cure the patient requires or not. It also helps in determining whether they've space for this new patient in their capacity or not. This is largely because of the fact that there are period when a capacity is fully occupied whereas the patient is indicating that he requires immediate access to cure. They are consequently able to refer such a patient to another knack.

Most of the dual diagnosis facilities have fully functional departments which deal particularly with problems of admission along with connected services. These departments or teams are charged with generating admissions criteria which may be used to determine whether someone suitably qualifies as a dual diagnosis patient or not. Such information is pertinent to helping the entire recovery along with eventual treatment from dual diagnosis. The admission teams go through every case with a tooth comb while offering the individual with the best options to take. The admissions team then relay admission info to the individual giving him details on when to check in, what to bring along with the costs or percentage of the costs he should wages. Once this is done, the person is assured that the admission process is finished.

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