You Should Choose And Possess Karate Weapons That Are Legal As Designated By Your Place Of Residence - By: Aletha A. Barrows

An Asian system of unarmed combat used to deliver blocks and blows to an opponent was called karate, the term that means empty hand, which makes it sound like a contradiction when you hear talk about karate weapons. In this particular martial art, weapons can be used to enhance your coordination, double your strength and designate you a superior fighter.

The list of available choices include key chains, bos, batons, swords, stars and knives. Choices of karate weapons based on the preferences of each individual regarding various sizes and shapes as well as different materials that are used to manufacture the numerous types of weapons that are available.

Let's look at some of these karate weapons more closely and perhaps learn about their history and development over the years. Japanese military made a determination around 1470 to confiscate traditional weapons, so the commoners made use of the sickle, better known as Kama or fighting blade. It was discovered that when fighting in close range a sickle could be used to trap an opponent's weapon or used for striking in addition to the original purpose to use it for cutting grass.

A tool which involved many prongs called the Nunte was designed by Okinawan farmers usually placed on the end of a staff to create a spear; however, it could be handled as a dagger or mace, or even thrown as was discovered. Although the original use which was as a fishing tool, they discovered that the multi-pronged nunte's center prong could be used for striking in a battle with the other prong arms could catch and hold the weapon of an opponent.

Poles that were balanced across the shoulders in order to carry buckets of water or other types of loads developed into being called a bo or a staff. A range of weapons could be blocked by the implementation of this in a fight as well as being used for striking. Today it is used as a main part of physical conditioning as it greatly improves balance and upper-body strength.

Nunchaku, whose name actually means flail, is the last of the karate weapons I'd like to discuss in this article. This was an original tool utilized for threshing grain in the crop production industry. However, when it was used as a weapon it could combine with various stances and techniques, using the sticks for striking or spearing, or the chain could be used to block, trap or choke the opponent. This has lasted as a very popular weapon today that is frequently used as a weapon of self-defense by some law enforcement agencies.

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