Improve Your Acting Audition When Your Loose the Script - By: Kirk Baltz

The competition for acting auditions is nothing short of intense. If you are looking to be a fierce contender for your dream role, you will need to master certain essential auditioning techniques. These techniques, like the craft, are not governed by specific and stringent rules but are more general principles that should be followed. If an actor is taking his or her career seriously, he or she knows that they must dedicate their lives to improving their skills and techniques. But, in the end, you must decide what kind of actor you want to be and the methods you will use get there. One of the most important methods? Stellar audition techniques, without a doubt. Without utilizing the proper audition tips, you will never be able to demonstrate your talent to the world.

Acting is a highly creative journey, an art form. Every audition is yet another step on the journey of each actor. It is, after all, an opportunity to practice the craft, which is what every good actor looks for. Before we start, here are a few practical tips.

The auditors, usually directors, producers, casting directors (and sometimes, even the pizza delivery guy) are all there to assess how appropriate you are for the role. It is very easy for an actor to view these auditors as "enemies" and essentially shut down instead of working his or her best to be natural and at ease in their audition.

The fact of the matter is, however, that these individuals are the only potential allies you have. For the most part, they want the actors that are auditioning to succeed. The success of their production depends upon someone being able to successfully fill the role. There is no doubt that performing in front of a group of people who seem distracted can be quite difficult and nerve-wracking. Just remember they have a lot a stake, just like you. You are responsible for taking the character they have created and turning it into a personality that will grab their attention and not let go.

In this report you will learn how to harness the emotions and energy of the auditioning process to read better. You will learn to take each audition as it comes and to take the inevitable rejection that will come in stride. You will learn how to become a smarter actor, one that makes positive use of every auditioning experience to deepen your skill set and expand your network of contacts.

The most important auditioning technique will ensure that you will always produce a reading that is sure to turn heads. Being happy with your own performance is the most important part of an acting audition. You must know that that each and every audition is your personal best. Every audition provides you with yet another opportunity to improve and hone your skills. Remember this and a successful audition will be yours.

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