What's Next for New iPad Docks? - By: Rob Sutter

If you imagine an iPad dock, oftentimes you're left picturing its generic form; a glossy boxy shape eager to hold up your device. To be fair, it is a gadget, so why show it be based off any kind of fashionable standard? Still, many brands think an iPad dock can be made into a designer device, worthy of decorating any room. These companies have created strikingly crafted new iPad docks.

Apple products are wildly popular, and people are often eager to spend money on Apple made accessories after they've spent money on Apple devices. People can search the Apple website or Apple stores for various kinds of docking stations that will let them play music, charge their device, and watch videos. The docking stations made by Appleare well-made, clean looking, and sleek. However, some companies avoid the clean Apple look and try to add some spice to their docking stations.

The AeroPad one and the AeroPad two were developed by Jean Michael Jarre of Jarre Technologies. The brand has created two devices that would not look out of place or bulky, complete with gorgeous finishes and designs. Both devices come with a stainless steel base and the choice of black, white, or bamboo finishing. The AeroPad one is 22.05 in x 12.20 in, complete with one 60-watt RMS subwoofer and two 30-watt RMS speakers. The AeroPad two, weighing in at 22 lbs., comes with one 80-watt RMS subwoofer and four 30-watt RMS speakers. Both designers are absolutely striking.

These little beauties don't come with a small price. To buy the AeroPad One you'll be forking over $659 while the AeroPad Two will cost you a whopping $925. If you aren't easily enthralled by trendy designs, you can be certain you'll be able to find well made, sleek, iPad docks for affordable prices. Click here to start your search.

Every day new design concepts are developed to entice consumers. Even though the new iPad docks from Jarre Technologies are astounding, not everyone can afford something so lux to hold their iPad. Happily, you can still find great new iPad docks without breaking the bank.

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