Protect Your Business Data With Enterprise Encryption - By: Ilechukwu Magnus

Although they bring us enormous benefits, the numerous high-speed and sophisticated communication devices available to us today also expose our data to unauthorised access and abuse . This is especially applicable in the event of hardware being stolen or misplaced and with electronically transmitted files such as emails and online bank transactions. And many business users, as well as private individuals, increasingly rely on mobile devices such as laptops, notebooks, iPads and USB drives to manage and transmit information . Therefore, it is necessary to protect data from the myriad of existing threats that are known about and the continual emergence of new ones . In this respect, the practice of encrypting data is a practical means of rendering it unreadable to all but those who have the appropriate key to decrypt it or make it readable again . There are a number of effective encryption products available so it is important that businesses choose one that meets a range of different enterprise needs .

How to Choose Enterprise Encryption To Protect Your Business Data-Some Essential Features Of Enterprise Encryption

The consequences of data breaches, in both large and small businesses, can be disastrous. Nowadays, businesses rely heavily on the streamlined advantages that mobile working methods offer but these are even more vulnerable to attack than stationary office devices . Therefore, whether your data resides on servers, laptops, desktops, flash drives or any other type of device, your choice of encryption technology should be able to centrally manage it with relative simplicity . Some features which you should look for include:

Compliance auditing and reporting tools that offer simplicity .

Protection against security attacks whether they are of an internal or external nature .

The capability of being centrally managed .

Security protection for a range of data, wherever it resides, which is both policy-based and data-centric.

The ability to easily deploy security protection to a wide range of external devices such as laptops, desktops and hand held devices .

The capability to support a diverse range of 32 and 64-bit operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS X .

The ability to provide automatic audit trails to prove the end-to-end integrity of data security .

Get Full Disk Encryption from The Best Company-Choose Encryption Technology That Is Easy To Deploy And Cost Effective To Administer

Although it is obviously imperative that your security technology offers the requisite level of data security, it is also important that it is seamless to deploy and administer on an ongoing basis . For business enterprises, downtime and disruption are also very expensive . Being able to deploy, manage and run reports centrally across your business from your encryption software will both offer you higher levels of security and simplified day-to-day administration . A data security system is clearly less expensive to operate the less administrative manpower it requires . Furthermore, a system which runs without impacting or disrupting your normal business processes or your workforce offers the added attraction of keeping ongoing maintenance costs down . Learn more of the benefits of using encryption technology.

All around, in every way it pays to select encryption technology for your enterprise wisely in addition to it giving you peace of mind . Ensure that you are using an encryption software.

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