Helpful Tips On Raising Australian Shepards - By: Luke C Wright

Despite its name, you should know that the dog is actually an American breed. The breed is an energetic dog that works a lot. Note that it can be an awesome family pet just as long as it is included in family workouts, given some work around the house and given a lot of exercise. Due to that reason, you are supposed to identify the helpful points that will assist you in raising Australian Shepards. When you are raising one, you should keep in mind the general breed character and the rearing program.

The dog's personality or character varies depending on the stage of life it is in. This implies that you have to understand it from when it is a puppy. From the time it is a puppy, you have to give it guidance and leadership. It has to learn that a human being is the one in charge. This does not however imply that you mistreat it and be harsh towards it, but just control its life in a simple way.

Before you bring the puppy home, it is important that you locate a suitable animal hospital close to where you live. After you do this, you have to book an appointment, for you to check in the puppy once you get it even before you take it to your house. It is important for puppies to get vaccinations after every twenty-one days until the time it is approximately sixteen to eighteen weeks old.

You should also consider socializing your Australian shepherd well. Note that, if you introduce your puppy positively to many situations like other animals, objects and people before it is over 13 weeks, it is going to respond well. Failure to that, the dog will have a great tendency of becoming aggressive and fearful.

When you raise this dog, remember to pen train it so that it learns house manners and the potty training. Consider the crate as a playmate and make sure that you use the crate the moment you are not able to supervise the pet. Ensure that the crate is well ventilated.

Consider taking your young puppy to obedience classes available. You can also practice the lessons at home as well. The dogs have intense energy, desire to work and intelligence. This will ensure that it gets traits that will be used for good purposes.

Such dogs require a lot of exercise, so consider exercising it daily. Remember that when you are raising Australian Shepards, ensure you have tight measures that will ensure it does not break loose easily. This might result to trouble because of its intelligence and its high energy levels.

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