Start Free Movies Online with Satellite Direct - By: Carl Fitzgerald

A lot of people are switching back to their old rabbit ears because they just cannot afford to pay for cable anymore. Most people would like more than just local channels though, and free movies online provides this for a great price. With Netflix offering such a great solution for no cost motion pictures on the web, it offers a good reason to have a computer connected to a television to offer a more traditional viewing experience. And with a new product called Satellite TV Direct, it is now an even more viable alternative than Netflix. Using your PC as a DVR is just another reason to connect your PC to your TV because you can store online shows and films legitimately on your computer's hard drive.

There are a variety of options available to connect a regular computer up to a newer television to watch free TV. Whether it is an Apple computer or a PC, the audio/video connections are now mostly the same. The most popular connection used today is the High Definition Multimedia Input, or HDMI, cable. This cable provides the best quality for both picture and sound. One cable provides an easy solution and maintains quality. The only issues is that a lot of people do not have the possibility of moving their computer near their TV set, or they do not want to go through the hassle of moving it back and forth each time.

Another popular but more costly option is to go the wireless route. There exist devices that allow the computer's video signal to be transmitted to a receiver that plugs into one of the TV's video input sources. An example of this is wireless HDMI. It works just like the cable, but without the actual cables stretching the whole distance between the TV and the computer. A transmitter connects to the computer through HDMI, and a receiver connects to the TV with HDMI. The wireless transmitter and receiver essentially perform the same task as the cable but without being tethered. This also transmits high-definition sound.

There are many services available that offer a solid purpose behind using your HD TV as a computer screen, but none offer as much quality content for the money as Satellite Direct. When reading reviews of Satellite Direct, it is noticeable that you are not stuck in any contract and you do not have to install anything other than software. Really with SatelliteDirectTV, there is just one small fee that is paid one time, and after that, it's completely free. User reviews rave about the quality of the service and how much content is available. It truly seems that is no competing alternative to getting your TV shows with Satellite Direct download.

There are other benefits to being able to watch online shows and films legitimately when hooking up your TV to your computer. Whether it is a Mac or PC, being able to surf the web on a big TV screen offers quite a bit of freedom. With a wireless keyboard and mouse, surfing the web and checking emails from the comfort of your couch is something many have already taken for granted. Thus watching free movies online is not something that should be done without knowing the FCC regulations are not broken.

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