Linus Bikes are Attractive and Affordable - By: Rob Sutter

Learning to ride a bike for the first time is a memory that I will never forget. I can still picture my mom spending all day with me out in the street in front of my house. We both knew that I would learn to ride by myself that day, no matter how long it took. All of my friends were already able to ride and I could no longer take being the only 5-year-old on my block that still needed training wheels. I remember that amazing feeling of freedom when my mom let go of my bike and I was able to ride all by myself. To this day, I still love riding bikes which is why I am so interested in buying one from Linus Bikes.

I'm a college student and the best way for me to get around campus in by bike. Sure, I can walk but since recently moving off campus into my own apartment, I am further away and if I am in a hurry, biking is the quickest way to get there. Plus, it's great exercise!

Exercising always makes me feel better which is why I ride my bike so often. It gets my blood pumping throughout my body and really uses my leg muscles to burn calories and fat. If I am looking for a fun workout, I choose my bike because it is a great way to connect with nature too. Any chance I get, I love to ride down to the marina in my town and watch the sunset. Although I've always loved my bike, I am now looking to ride in style.

Linus bikes are inspired by French bicycle design from the 1950s and 60s. These bikes are simple, elegant and beautiful. They are comfortable and perfect for riding around campus or just around my town at home.

A great thing about Linus Bikes is that they're affordable! Even for a college student like me, I will still be able to get the bike that I want. I can't wait to ride around on my new bike and show off to my friends because I know they will be jealous.

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