Adding Value To Business Processes With Information Security Benchmarking - By: Marian Skinner

Technology has changed the way business and many other things are done. At the center of any operation is processed data. Primary to a successful process today are a number of factors. Measuring such factors would require procedures like information security benchmarking.

It is becoming mandatory for most organizations to implement certain standards. These are supposed to govern the way business activities ought to be carried out. As such it is possible to standardize and evaluate the quality of such activities.

The standard measure that is acceptable by most industries is always a good starting point. Therefore for processed data having a clearly defined roles and responsibilities framework within the organization is important. This must be a well defined team with its own management structure.

Generally the head of such a team may be the chief officer who is considered the head of the data processing team. Such a department is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the organization adheres to industry accepted standards during different activities. Such considerations are important because a violation of some of these standards can result in expensive lawsuits against the organization.

Certain standards like the data protection act have shaped the way companies handle any personal data. This could be client or employee data. For such there is a universally accepted code to be followed when dealing with such data. As such the team carrying out such responsibilities can reference such enactment to ensure that the company is working in line with internationally accepted standards. This will also provide the opportunity for such an organization to open up business links with other like businesses because they share the same standards.

Information security benchmarking may require the officer in charge to draft policies to govern how the organization handles various categories of data. In this way all the employees are guided by a standard and as such there will be minimal risks that may result from any violation. Generally it has been realized that a violation of some of these policies can lead to lawsuits that are costly .

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