Prepare for the Unplanned - By: Rob Sutter

In order to stay out of debt it is necessary to have a budget. I'm sure I'm not the first person to have told you this. When you have a budget you know how much you are spending on what, including things you need like food and your monthly bills. The thing about necessities is that they are easy to plan in your budget. Things can certainly change when someone like a medical collection agency calls you.

The fact that you can't prepare for the unplanned is the largest problem with a budget. Right when you think you have your budget in check, it turns out you need a new muffler for your car and now you are in the negative. Another example where this happens quite often is your health. Right when you think you have your budget under control, medical bills are just too overwhelming.

I found this out in the winter of 2007. A tackle football game with my friends went from that to a nightmare with a medical collection agency. I caught the ball and jogged out of bands only to be tackled late. I could hear the snap of my ankle and when I looked down it was a gruesome sight. I wasn't sure if I had medical insurance so I limped into my friend's car and he took me to the hospital.

Then came the fun stuff. A long list of medical procedures including MRI's, X-rays, sonograms, and multiple surgeries followed. What was even worse than that was the bills. Bills arrived, asking for thousands of dollars. There was no way I was going to be able to pay it. When medical collection agencies such as Rapid Recovery Solutions called I was not sure what to tell them. I couldn't afford these medical bills.

I was a guy that paid all of my bills on time. I had a budget. However, like I said earlier, you can't plan for the unplanned. I worked with the debt collection agency to eventually pay off most of my hospital bills. I'm not finished paying off my bills but I am close. Just because you are involved with a debt collection agency doesn't mean you are a bad person. It means you need help, they are there to help you which is the most important thing to remember.

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