Daly Dentists and Laser Dentistry - By: Karen Carter

Dental plaque is a complex microbial community. It is made up primarily of bacteria, but also contains inorganic compounds. It is estimated that dental plaque has approximately four-hundred types of bacteria, including, but not limited to rods, filaments, cocci and eukaryotic cells (a more complex cell, encased within a cytoskeleton). Daly dentists want you to know how to avoid this plaque.

There are many benefits to new laser dentistry techniques. Of great concern is the idea that a laser is something that requires a huge effort to control, but the reality is that a skilled dentist can direct the laser's beam, reducing the damage to surrounding tissue, even more so than with traditional dentistry techniques. Any wounds created by laser surgery heal faster, due to the less invasive nature of the laser technique, thus allowing new tissue to generate at a more rapid rate. Bacterial infections are fewer because the laser beam acts as a sterilizer on the tissue it's affecting, lessening the chance of hostile bacteria setting up house in healing tissue. The laser also reduces bleeding because it cauterizes blood vessels as it works. Many laser techniques also eliminate the need for anesthesia, a process not without its own complications. And happily the use of soft tissue lasers often means that stitches are not required.

While the FDA has approved the use of dental lasers, the American Dental Association is still not fully on board. They are still investigating the benefits and drawbacks of laser technology. Regardless, the ADA is cautiously optimistic about the applications of dental lasers, and has not condemned their use.

Preferred Provider Organizations are networks of professionals who provide discounted pricing due to the volume of patients that can be accumulate through marketing arms promoting direct to the public. These marketing organizations are able to negotiate nice discounts and provide top quality coverage sometimes better than the insurance companies can, and without all the restrictions like waiting periods, deductibles, caps, and pre-existing conditions.

Lasers are also useful when working with the gums. Lasers can remove bacteria in preparation for a root canal, or to reshape gums that either cover too much of the tooth's surface, or in order to give a crown more tooth to adhere to. The gentler, less invasive laser is a logical choice when working on soft-tissue. Daly dentists use lasers to help patients with different dental procedures.

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