Fullerton Dentists Don't Recommend Same Day Dentures - By: Karen Carter

Maybe you have lost your dentures and now you're trying to find a Fullerton dentist that will provide same day dentures for you without charging you a huge amount of money. If you could possibly save as much as 50-60% off on the cost of those new dentures, would you consider putting it off for one to three days?

Damaged Teeth - A dental expert can treat a tooth with decay with a simple filling. Here, the dentist removes the damage and fills the area with a material such as composite or metal. Another option is to fit it with a crown. First, the oral care expert removes any affected material and files down the tooth. Then, the patient will have an impression made and sent to the lab where specialists make a cap out of ceramic, porcelain, glass, or metal. Once it's complete, special cement goes on the enamel before the cap goes on overtop. If the affected teeth need to be pulled, a dental professional can use dental implants. With this treatment, dentists insert a post into the space where it fuses to the bone. When they are solid on the jawbone, a false tooth twists onto the top of the post and sits in the mouth just like the original.

Crooked Or Uneven Teeth - This problem not only detracts from the quality of a smile, but it can also make the teeth difficult to clean. This allows plaque, food, and disease to build up in these areas, wreaking havoc in a patient's mouth. Orthotics is the ideal solution. Braces can move a tooth into alignment, but the metal and long treatments can sometimes seem as bad as the crooked smile. To straighten teeth without the glaring metal and plastic, dentists can use Invisalign. This treatment involves a series of custom-made trays made from clear plastic. Invisalign starts with the initial tray and once it has caused each tooth to move slightly, it is replaced with the next until everything is where it should be. If the patient needs dental implants and other treatments, there's no worry -- the trays are removable and work well with dental implants, crowns, and many others. Many professionals say Invisalign also has a shorter treatment time.

The usual cost of an upper denture, according to a national survey conducted in the year 2005, is $1252.00, however, with the Discount Dental Plan that we've found you will only have to pay $500.00. That's an incredible savings of $752.00! The low annual fee for joining this plan is only $119.95 for an individual or $159.95 for the whole family. Deduct $159.95 from the $752.00 that you've already saved and you're still way ahead with a savings of $592.05 or $632.05 if you're single.

For dental implants, whitening, or Invisalign, Fullerton patients and those everywhere simply need to talk to their dentist. Together, the two can come up with the perfect treatment plan that will create the best possible smile and renewed confidence so the patient can worry about more important things.

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