Charities Reap Some Benefits With The Color Run San Diego Event - By: Aletha A. Barrows

The Color Run San Diego is an annual event that consists of a 5K race, lots of colors, and a fun time with friends and fellow racers. Racers register ahead of time and pay a registration fee to participate, but everyone is welcome to attend as a spectator or sign up as a volunteer. Part of the funds collected from registration fees is donated to a San Diego charity.

Every five minutes after the race starts at 9 AM, colors are tossed through the air at racers. The colored corn starch is thrown by the Color Bomb Squad (a team of volunteers) at all of the racers that pass them by. Because the powdered colors are merely dyed corn starch, there is no need to worry about poisonous paints or dyes ruining your day. Racers will be given the opportunity to throw colored corn starch at their friends and other runners once they cross the finish line.

The Deaf Community Services of San Diego is the charitable organization that the Color Run San Diego is going to be donating to. This charity was chosen thanks to their goal to enrich the lives of the deaf community through services, education, and advocacy. Races that take place in other locations will be donating a portion of their proceeds to a different charitable organization in the city.

A t-shirt is given to all people of the Color Run San Diego. Runners will receive a t-shirt celebrating The Art of Running and volunteers will receive a shirt that recognizes them as a part of the Color Bomb Squad. Included in the registration packet with the shirt, racers will find other items provided by sponsors including a racing bib and sunglasses. People of all ages are welcome to get involved, and racers under the age of 7 can run for free.

Racers and volunteers alike would have a great time at the Color Run San Diego, and everyone is certain to have a good time. A local charity gets a part of the money collected from the event each year when the 5K Color Run occurs. Whether they want to be racers, volunteers, or spectators, people of all ages are encouraged to come out and appreciate the event. At the end of the race, everyone will be covered in head to toe with rainbow colors, and everyone will have a chance to eat great food, listen to music, and spend the rest of the day with their friends.

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