Using a Blind Dog Collar for Greater Independence - By: Jerri Eide

A blind dog collar can offer a visually impaired pup a chance to be more independent. Whether your little one has been visually compromised since birth or it is a new condition, being able to do normal puppy things plays a role in the overall quality of life. Even the canine members of the family need to have a strong sense of self and capability.

This type of device is a good dog cone alternative. Cones are known for their ability to slow down a pup on the move, as they tend to get caught on things like furniture. The natural motion and normal activity is restricted when you use a cone.

If you need dog head protection for those random bounces off the surroundings you want a helmet type of protection piece. When a fast dog loses his vision he does not always slow down. Injury can occur when slams full speed into things. Protecting the head is important for the speedy ones.

Different gear is designed for different needs. You want to fit him with the gear that will help him the most. Navigational assistance is often needed, but some canines really could benefit from more protection against the inevitable bumping and thumping against hard objects.

If you have a highly active little one running around with vigor you want to ensure there is a layer of protection to help soften those blows. If you have a more timid and cautious little guy you might want to consider something that offers more assistance with navigation. Some dogs need both.

Perhaps your canine companion is just now losing his vision. Choose the protection and assistance that will help preserve the core parts of the personality. Maybe he is an adventure seeker and you want an option that will allow him to keep exploring the world around him. If he is a rough and tough playtime addict, you may opt for more protection versus navigational assistance.

When you face sight loss with him, your canine companion will often impress you with his ability to rebound quickly. A blind dog collar can help him be as he is and get everything out of his life that he needs and wants to. You will love how well he responds to being able to just be himself.

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