Finding The Best Spy Thrillers - By: Michael Obrien

Reading the best spy thrillers is a very popular way to enjoy some spare time. There is nothing like the anticipation of picking up the latest novel featuring your favorite espionage character, and settling down for a good read. For many people this is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, or a peaceful vacation day.

This genre of literature has always been very popular. Readers are drawn to the exciting characters and fast moving plots. The classic hero is tall, dark and handsome and never panics even under the most dire of conditions. He always manages to get the villain and the girl, no matter how stressful things become. He remains popular because he provides the perfect antidote to the mundane lives many people lead.

Many authors create a great character that their readers can really enjoy getting to know. After a few books these characters seem to take on their own personality. Readers become very invested in their plots and follow every twist and turn with bated breath. If their hero suffers an injury they are sympathetic to his pain.

Readers want to have a character who is larger than life and moves in glittering international circles. Location can be crucial to a plot. Authors will need to do accurate research before incorporating exotic places into the story. Modern readers are not forgiving of even the smallest mistake and will not hesitate to contact the publisher.

Some writers focus on character development. Their books are driven by the protagonist, his every thought and move are followed in minute detail and the reader is really able to get inside his head. Although the hero can often appear to be handsome and successful once the reader is given a chance to get into his mind they find another person altogether. He is often troubled and hiding behind dark secrets. Working as a spy is his refuge from reality and keeps his mind off his real troubles.

Other writers chose to use a more plot driven style. As well as developing a compelling character, they use beautiful and exotic locations to enhance their novels. Readers get to learn about cities and countries they will probably never visit. They can enjoy nerve wracking adventures with their favorite hero without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Spy novels can be set in any time period. History lovers really enjoy well written fiction that focuses on a particular time period. They learn about the lives and adventures of people in times as diverse as ancient Egypt to the American revolution. The key to good historical thrillers is attention to detail. Many readers will spot a historically inaccurate point and feel let down by the author.

Many people love to read the best spy thrillers. It seems that there is always room for another character to enter the ranks of the great ones, like James Bond. Even though he was created over fifty years ago, Bond has been able to transcend the years and is just as popular today as when the first book came out.

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