A Short Glance At From Gangs to Hip Hop - By: Rashad Brown

For the duration of their lifetime, a good deal of hip hop rappers were when members of gangs. For instance, AfrikaBambaataa was once a leading member of the Black Spades gang. He is one of the folks most credited with playing a considerable role in rap and hip hop. His gang in particular is also critical to the creation of hip hop.

Gangs in New York reached their peak in 1973, so states Steven Hager in his book. The Black Spades, one of the largest streetgangs in New York, began to decline after this period. According to Bam, some gangs got into drugs, others got wiped out by rival gangs, even though other people became so significant that members did not want to be involved anymore. Bambaataa went on to say that girls got tired of the gang life and wanted to start to raise children.

Also, the 1970's brought new and exciting things to New York. Music was growing in reputation, and so to were the nightclubs as far more men and women opted to entertain themselves. But one lasting major contribution by gang culture to hip hop is graffiti art.

Unfortunately, it's not identified exactly how graffiti created. It is clear though, that it isn't a new art form. An example of old graffiti was one completed in the course of the Second Globe War whereby an individual placed their graffiti in several places in America and overseas.

In the course of the fifties streetgangs used graffiti for self-promotion, marking territorial boundaries and intimidation. However, about 1969 something changed and graffiti became a way of life with its own code of behavior, secret gathering places, slang, and esthetic standards for hundreds of New York City youths based on Steven Hager in his book.

No one knows who began graffiti in the course of this era but we do know who produced it well-known. It was TAKI 183. TAKI 183 was a teenager from Greece named Demetrius.

Demetrius was first influenced when he saw "Julio 204" written on a street. Julio was a teenager who lived on 204th Street. Demetrius took his nickname which was Taki and placed it front of the street on which he lived, 183rd Street. Therefore, the tag name TAKI 183 was designed. Demetrius proceeded to write his tag name in as many places as he could locate. Demetrius' pet name was Taki. He turned this pet name into his tag (graffiti signature) after getting inspired by an individual who signed themselves as Julio 204. Taki 183 was 1st utilized on the street exactly where he resided, which was 183rd street. He then began tagging himself (writing his name) wherever he could.

Until magic markers had been invented, graffiti was mostly accomplished employing spray paint. But, due to the fact magic markers are less complicated to hide, and are permanent, they became a lot more common than spray paint. Magic markers helped to grow the quantity of graffiti completed due to their compactness.

Some examples of some popular tag names in NYC apart from TAKI 183 had been SLY II, LEE 163d, PHASE 2, and TRACY 168. There was a huge group of graffiti writers who attended DeWitt Clinton High School which was located across the street from a Transit Authority storage yard. The subway method was a primary target of the early graffiti writers. A common meeting location was a coffee shop near

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