Everything You Need To Understand Concerning Connecting Your Sony Handycam To A Computer - By: Julie Lowry

A Sony Handycam is a camcorder you utilize in your hands to catch functions, individuals, things, and moments. The Sony Handycam is exclusively produced by Sony Entertainment Inc., which is generally known as a "Handycam" because it is a "handy camera."

You could connect a Sony camcorder to a computer in just four small steps, however you will require an I.LINK cable. First, join the small end (4 pin) of the I.LINK cable to the Handycam. There are a few ports present, so verify that the small end connects to the correct Handycam port. The large end (6 pin) ought to go into the firewire port on the computer. When you are using a laptop, link up the small end to the laptop. Next, cut on the computer and set the Handycam to playback mode in order that the computer could recognize that the unit is a camera operational.

The above instructions work for mostly PC computers. When you own a laptop like a Macbook computer, you can also link your Handycam to your computer. First, you will need your Macbook computer, Sony Handycam, the 4 pin and 6 pin cable, and the power cable that comes with the Handycam. Get the battery out of the camera, and connect the power cable to the DCN port of the camera. Following that, turn the camera on and hang around a second. Switch the camera to "play/edit." After that, take the firewire cable as well as small 4 pin and stick it in the side of your camera. The 4 pin and 6 pin firewire cable ought to then be attached to the firewire port computer. Go to the top of your Mac to the "spotlight" section at the top right, type in "system profiler," and go down to "firewire."

The Sony Handycam manual is a superb place to go if you still cannot figure set to connect your Handycam to a computer. The manual's table of contents has information on the following topics:

Getting Started:

Step 1: Charging the Battery Power

Step 2: Turning the power on and set up the date and time

Step 3: Preparing the recording media

Picking the recording media for movies

Picking the recording media for photos

Putting in a memory card


Recording movies and photographs

Useful functions for recording movies as well as photos: zooming, selecting high definition (HD) or standard (STD) quality

Choosing the recording mode

Capturing smiles automatically (Smile Shutter)

Making Good Use of Your Camcorder

Removing movies and photos

Guarding recorded movies and photos

Dividing a movie

Recording a photo from a movie

Dubbing/copying movies and photos from the internal recording media to a memory device

Employing the GPS function

There is other needed information found in the manual. For all other Sony Handycam help, you can contact Sony directly as well as troubleshoot the problem.

The Sony Handycam dcr-sx40 is a blue camera that comes with a Carl-Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, a professional lens that offers quality photos every time. The Handycam also has a 60x/2000x digital zoom optical lens as well as an incredible zoom feature that allows you to take prints as meticulous as possible. The dcr-sx40 records up to 4GB of video memory and holds a direct connection to DVD burners. It also is included with a one-eighth advanced HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD imager with 410K pixel resolution, built-in zoom microphone, one touch disc burn, easy Handycam button, a USB 2.0 interface, Sony Picture Motion Browser (PMB) software, film roll index, and a 2.7 wide touch panel LCD screen. The dcr-sx40 is still sold at Sony.com as a refurbished product for $199.00, down from $269.99.

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