How To Make Fancy Dress Your Own This Year - By: Aveline Brooks

Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, the lesser-known Dacre Stoker all literary geniuses who brought forth the terror, wonder, and mystical world of the vampire. Fangs, capes, deathly-pale make up and even a few novelty bats can be purchased at numerous fancy dress places. With so many options on offer it is simple to become one of the world's most feared blood drinking myths.

For those who love the movie world of horror, Tim Burton springs to mind. His gothic tint to everything he touches makes his works the fabulous choice for Halloween. The Nightmare before Christmas gained popularity when it first came out, and that popularity has yet to be laid to rest. Donning a patchwork dress and rag-doll wig, you can become Sally. A pinstripe suit and some fabulous face paints, make you Jack, the Pumpkin King.

Disney princesses and princesses are loved by little girls, and sometimes that admiration and love does not stop just because someone gets older. Young children enjoy dressing up like their favourite Disney princesses, swinging cute and pretty dresses around and pretending to be magical. Just because you grow up, does not always mean that you must then grow old along with it.

Every fancy dress costume is created with the utmost care, the highest quality materials, and the best ideas in mind. This is so people can find their perfect outfit for any occasion. And thanks to such a wide range of costumes being available, it has never been easier to find the costume that's right.

For those of you who use Halloween as the excuse for baring the flesh, don't fret, there are hundreds of options available. For every demure, modest costume available, there is a skimpier version up for grabs. From low cut tops to high up skirts, to muscle shirts and a little less fabric in those places where you can afford to be rid of it, there is an option available.

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