AS Built Services Help Assure Accuracy For Development - By: Aletha A. Barrows

Construction projects now are capable of avoiding what could be costly errors with the help of AS built services to make sure that quality project can now be accomplished safely and securely. The assortment of service options that are available today can assist architects, construction engineers and project consultants with detailed surveys and other field services to accommodate their exact needs.

Today items such as underground utilities can be located through subsurface imaging that produces pinpoint accuracy with the AS built service's latest technologies available to provide various scanning sources that assist in the location of structures with the produced mapping information. Details for complex and unusual projects can be produced with ground penetrating radar and GPS.

The years of experience help the professionally trained field service specialists from the AS built provider to ensure that products are conveyed with accuracy, consistency and expediently with the help of the sophisticated tools and equipment. Whether projects are single or multi-site site programs in almost any location with any degree of complexity can be helped with the services that are available. Projects can be served whether they are situated in thick geographic clusters or remote isolated locations.

These services can provide assistance to a wide variety of markets that include, but are not limited to commercial, residential, industrial and retail. The services are carried out to apply best proven practices and achieve efficiencies that are amazing for the delivery of outstanding survey products and support services. The AS built services that provide the properties of the project as constructed are defined by specifications, drawings and manuals of operating instructions that add to the accuracy of the project and help production avoid any potential problems or unexpected delays.

The process now gains from the laser scanning that has advanced to high-definition capabilities, which is very beneficial for the documentation of unusual or even complex structures. Locations that are considered dangerous or are difficult to reach can now benefit from these high-definition services that are easily and successfully used by trained field survey specialists. Better accuracy is provided by this process that captures millions of data points and does not cause any safety hazards as it is accomplished. The resulting high density point cloud and digital photo images that are produced can then be used in conjunction with existing conditions documentation or with other AS build documentation to be used in the development of 3D models or 2D drawings that can help produce a better design together with reduced construction risks.

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