Vanilla pods have several uses and commercial advantages - By: Donald Davis

Vanilla is a term associated with rich nouveau culture but its real origin and care is what makes it exclusive. Vanilla pods also commonly known as vanilla beans are fruits of orchid plant first discovered in Mexico then spread to places like India, Spain, Uganda, New Guinea and Indonesia. Madagascar is currently the world's largest producer.

The wealthy vanilla pods have various makes use of on top rated of its commercial benefits.

Whole pods can be cooked and eaten, serving an un-tampered wealthy source of vitamins. They are able to be crashed to offer a tasty spice additive to a variety of foods on account of its instant flavor burst.

Flavoring; Within the food industry, vanilla pods extracts are employed in flavoring ice cream and also other foods giving it a robust aromatic flavor but artificial vanilla flavors are frequent for this because true vanilla is fairly highly-priced for fair reason of its sophisticated techniques of preparation. The beauty and cosmetic business uses vanilla pod goods to create high caliber perfumes. The industry is choked by goods of vanilla but true vanilla is seldom to come by for causes beneath.

There before, the orchid plant could only thrive in Mexico where its only pollinator bee is found to do pollination naturally. In the rest of the places where it is grown, pollination has to be assisted artificially with hands. It takes time to succeed in this, around 4 weeks and after sufficient growth to maturity approximately six months, they are ready, the seeds can be extracted and processed or taken whole as pods. Each fruit require harvesting at individual time as ripping occurs to one bean at a time. Ripe beans are pale yellow in color and when just about to split, they should be harvested. Perfect timing is critical at all stages of care for Vanilla beans to ensure the finest full flavor - to avoid reduction in market value.

Orchid plants happen to be successfully propagated in tissue culture technologies a typical developing method of orchid plants in India. The classic process of germinating dry seeds can also be carried out just after which the seedlings are transplanted in a shady condition preferably inside the greenhouse. Cuttings are also a effective process of propagating the orchid's portions of the branches and buds.

Additional preparation of Vanilla pods following harvesting can also be quite labor intensive.

There are processes such as drying the pods to minimize the water content of the beans to prevent rotting and lost of aroma. This can be done by aerating the beans in the sun everyday for about for weeks. Conditioning is another process done to dried vanilla pods. It is done to encourage the aroma develop. It entails storing the pods for 5 to 6 months in closed boxes and once fully cured, the vanilla pods are sorted and graded according to quality.

In sorting and grading for quality, the pods that have blemishes, discolored, or any other sign of defects are sorted and assigned lower grades and hence the market value. Artificial vanilla flavors are not products of pure vanilla but are products produced synthetically from lignin compounds instead of real vanilla.

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