How To Provide Protection To Yourself From A Sexual Predator At The Office - By: Mikeal A Barnet

I started working on a brand new job, which I believed I would like. During my initial week, several sleazy colleague of mine started harassing me sexually. He understood there was practically nothing I, being the rookie, could do.

I continued to enable him think that he could overpower me. Little did he understand that I had a plan in mind. I checked on the web for options so that I could select a hidden video cam to expose this guy for what he was.

Before, I read a write-up in which I found that monitoring cameras are helpful for watching over occurrences. They are ideal for capturing a wrongdoer in the act. Normally, hidden video cameras are available in a disguise in order that no person will believe they are being watched.

To record this man harassing me, I understood I needed a body worn video camera that would let me to record even though I was on the move. Luckily, I found a selection of little hidden cameras that would work.

I opted for an earpiece video camera DVR. Every person wears earpieces these days thus I thought it was a perfect disguise. This appeared just like any other Bluetooth earpiece and also had the capacity to make both video as well as audio recordings, including still images.

Spy cams that have a DVR provide comfort since no installation is necessary since they have their very own recording gadget. Videos could be watched by connecting the video camera and also a TV with the provided RCA cable or by putting the included SD card into its slot on a computer.

I wore my new nanny cam to work immediately after purchasing. My coworker had no hint that he was being recorded for the harassing comments and actions he made. I showed the footage to my superiors and was relieved when he was let go.

I know that spying on folks is not often a great thing but, with regards to your own protection, a hidden cam is your best choice. Sexual predators definitely must be put in their place.

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