Working with Leather - By: Ethan O. Tanner

Leatherworking can be a lot of fun, but if you are just starting out, it can prove to be quite a challenge. There are many items that you can create when leatherworking. These items are great to sell at flea markets, online, or in a yard sale. You may even choose to give these items as gifts throughout the year for various occasions. We will review the basics of leatherworking so that you can get a start on that long list of projects.

Leatherworking usually only requires a few basic tools for beginners. You will want to buy a ruler, or measuring tape. The next thing that is necessary is a pen, pencil, or marker that will be visible on the leather so that you can draw the desired outline. You will also want to buy a knife, leather shear or some type of special sharp object to cut the leather as you are working with it. Lastly, you will want to go to a craft specialty store and buy needles that are intended to work with leather. Once you have all of your necessary tools, the next step is to obtain the leather.

When purchasing leather, you may want to do some make inquiries and shop around a little. If you are looking for cheap leather, it is best to shop at local thrift stores and flea markets. Most leather purchased at these diverse types of venues are great in quality, and low in price. This is the best way to shop for leather when you are new to leatherworking.

If you go to a craft specialty store, or a leather store, you will find that leather ranges in cost based on type, thickness, and overall weight. This can prove to be more costly as leather is sold by the square foot. there are many online places to purchase leather, and if you know the basics of leather you may find good values in leather.

Once you have purchased all the materials that you will need for your project, you must decide the best methods of making sure that the pieces are bound together. It is important that you do not use pins and other types of products to bind your material as these things often leave a type of scarring on the material. However, you can use mild glue or clips in order to bind the leather together so that you can work with it without difficulty.

Once you are ready to craft the project, you can choose to sew or lace the thread onto the leather. If you choose to sew the material, you should only use a sewing needle intended for leatherworking. These types of needles cut as you sew and make it quite easy to finish your leather craft project. You can also choose to lace your leather craft project. Basically, you simply make holes at equal intervals all the way through the piece of leather and then lace the thread in and out.

There are many different kinds of stitches that you can use when crafting leather. You can select from a saddle stitch, a running stitch, a cross stitch, or a whip stitch. It all depends on what works best for you and the leatherworking job that you are working on.

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