How The Right Lower Back Cushion Model Can Relieve Back Pain? - By: Aletha A. Barrows

Since Dr. John Flore created the first lower back cushion in 1968, thousands of people have used them to help relieve the pain and suffering connected with compressed disks, pinched nerves, and other back issues. His first models were made with foam rubber that he shaped with an electric knife, and then lent to his patients to see if they would provide noteworthy results. The patients that used them regularly began to notice a definite difference in how much their lower backs hurt, so much so that they offered to buy their own so they could continue to use them. Back support pillows have evolved and changed since then, to the point that different companies currently have more than 50 different models, each designed for specific conditions. The following are a few of the most common models, which will help you, get an idea of which one might be best for you.

A version of the original design is currently the most popular and effective cushion on the market today, is made to be used in straight backed chairs, and bench styled seats, and eases back fatigue, pain, and disc pressure. The design, which consists of one piece of molded polyurethane foam and a 2-plane shape that give lateral and vertical support, permits it to do this.

For people whose vehicles have bucket style seats, or who use curved back chairs, thinner cushions are available. It has the same design as the original style, but has less of a slope, since these chairs generally have some of their own.

Another design of lower back cushion is slightly beveled in back of side panels to give therapeutic back hugging support when in bucket seats and sloped back chairs. It is also slightly less contoured than the original design, since many vehicle seats have a slight lumbar curve.

A wider version is also available for people with broader backs and shoulders, providing them the same comfortable support, but with more space. This is ideal for back pain sufferers who prefer a bit more space to move around while they work, drive in their car, and do other similar activities.

People who regularly use opened back chairs (like office chairs) generally find that standard lower back cushion styles are impractical because they tend to slip around a lot. But, there is a style that uses a unique crisscrossing elastic strap configuration to provide therapeutic lower back support while people sit in open back chairs.

For people who travel frequently, carrying around a standard styled low back support cushion is often impractical, which is why most companies make fold able travel designs that can be carried in a purse, briefcase, or pockets available to clients. These are simple to use, and only require that they be inflated to the preferred level of firmness.

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