Health to Happiness - By: Sienna Nalin

Happiness is what we are all searching for on our journey of health to happiness. We want to feel good about ourselves every day if we can. Knowing that there are steps out there that can help us along this path makes things even better. This should bring a chuckle and some happiness to you right away knowing there are tips to get you going fueled with joy and happiness, and here they are. (Image by the half-blood prince via Flickr)

For some people getting up in the morning is a hard task, well let's stop making it so hard. Start waking up thinking positive thoughts. Embrace everything around you when waking up and just relax in it all. Breath in the cool morning air and just be engaged in everything about it.

Get some time to yourself to sit back and just think. Sometimes you need to be in peace and quiet to just take in the world around you and let your mind run free of restrictions. Most people forget that they need time for themselves to just meditate and get back in touch with themselves.

Taking this time to yourself you will begin to know how to reach your happiness and how to just be positive again because you have gotten back in touch with yourself and know who you are and what all you are capable of. (Image by AlicePopkorn via Flickr)

Spending time with people we care about. There is a happiness that goes beyond momentary pleasures. It is an ease that arises within us when we connect with ourselves and our world with care and kindness, and we allow our speech, our choices, our actions in the world to align with this connection and kindness.

Give to others and do things out of the kindness of your heart. Just doing thing will bring a smile upon your face and will just make you feel good and feel warmth within. When you see someone else is happy because of something that you did, you cannot help but to just smile.

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These tips will get you feeling better than ever and realizing that things in your life can turn around of you just take a moment for yourself.

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