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Dell Precision machines are popular business-class computing products because they're powerful in performance and easily customizable with the recent components and technologies. There's a good range of models to choose from, as well as options to customize the various systems with. Every Precision tower and notebook come with basic technology and service highlights: 30-day free trial of Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services, 3 years of "NBD Limited Onsite Service after Remote Diagnosis, and a 3-year standard warranty. Some might find it challenging when it comes to choosing which Precision computer to work on. Read on and this article will help you determine which Precision model best suits your budget and needs. It'll do so by quickly summarizing attributes on several of the more well-liked Precision models.

Desktop Computer Towers

Dell Precision fixed workstations come with various versions of Microsoft's Windows operating systems. Pick from Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 or Windows 8 Professional. This covers the full spectrum of the latest and most advanced editions of the Windows operating systems. The key difference among all these different Windows operating systems is the level of security, with the home editions of Windows equipped with the most basic security features and the professional and ultimate editions with the most advanced security features. The level of security highlights becomes more important when sensitive information is processed. Easily encrypt, modify and monitor data with software apps such as AppLocker, BitLocker and Branch Cache, just to name a few.

For those looking for a budget Precision PC, consider the Precision T1650 fixed workstation. This model comes equipped with an Intel 3.3GHz dual core processor, which can certainly be upgraded to more powerful solutions. System RAM is scarce at just 2GB to begin with, but fortunately this can be upgraded to a max of 4GB. A basic 250GB hard drive ships at minimum, but this can be expanded like the system memory configuration. The key things to take away with the Precision T1650 is that it's very cost-effective and flexible with its configuration options.

Moving toward the high-end performance spectrum in the Precision desktop computing family you will find the Dell Precision T7600 fixed workstation. Dell's Precision T7600 starts out with a basic configuration, but its selection of upgradable components and options is many, and allows you to build an extremely powerful computer. Mix and match system configurations by choosing components that include different processors, operating systems, memory, storage, graphics, optical drives, etc. All Precision T7600 workstations are powered by Intel Xeon processors. Choose from single or dual multi-core processors. System memory options run up to 256GB of RAM, while storage configurations are all quite plentiful. A majority of the graphics controller options allow for you to connect multiple monitors to the system, some as many as four. Keep in mind when researching over this machine that monitors do not come packaged with this system.

Dell Precision Mobile Workstations

If you're a mobile professional, than a mobile workstation might be a better computing choice for you. You'll find that these systems are almost identical to the Precision fixed workstations models. Just about everything you find in Precision fixed workstations can be found available as an option in Precision mobile workstations.

Two Precision mobile workstation models are available for your consideration. These are the Dell Precision M4700 and the Dell Precision M6700. The Dell Precision M4700 is the smaller of the two. The M4700 has been designed with a 15.6" form factor. The Precision M6700 is a bit bigger in size, with a form factor that fits a 17.3" screen. Whether you select on the M4700 or the M6700, know that you'll be getting one of the best mobile workstations available.

A good number of business professionals use Dell Precision computers. Professionals of all trades have given Dell Precision PC favorable reviews for their performance and reliability in computing. Choose from a variety of systems and customize your own Precision machine to have it personalized to meet your technical requirements. Customizing a Precision PC is easy and can be done online through Dell's website.

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Author Resource : Companies want quality computing solutions. The Precision T6700( and the Dell Precision M6700( are trendy workstation systems. Learn which model is right for your business.