Antique Advertising Signs Are Just One Category Of Collector Fads - By: Michael Obrien

It has become quite popular with many collectors to collect antique advertising signs. From favorite brands to particular styles, the variety is tremendous. Prices vary as well, from just a few dollars to thousands. Though they may be a bit more difficult to collect due to size, they are still popular

Some people want to collect everything they can about a particular brand. Drink product brands are always popular. Many like to collect old cigarette advertisements. Car parts, car models, and old medicines are just some of the types collected. Their prices vary based on condition, popularity, and the scarcity of the item.

Some collectors want only certain types of products, such as neon, glass, porcelain, or metal. Generally, the price is determined by age, with older items having more value. They are also usually more popular. If the condition is exceptionally poor, the value will be less, however. Factors that affect value include the age and condition of the item, what it is made from, and what it depicts.

Reality shows have recently become popular and have caused a rise in the interest for vintage collectibles. Signs are one type of those vintage items. It is exciting to see someone dig out old items from a barn or shed and get a good price for them. This causes people to realize there may be treasure in that junk. They then begin collecting them.

A number of different designs and materials have become popular, including porcelain, neon, and tin. Some collectors have samples of all types, and other want just one type. Either way, the value is determined by a number of things. Age is one, but how rare an item is might be a bigger determinant. Manufactured mainly between 1900 and 1960, they became scarce during World War II due to materials being unavailable. Those that are from that era are even more valuable.

Condition is another factor determining value. Since they were designed to hang outside, and were not normally well cared for, the condition is usually pretty poor. This makes any item that is in good condition very valuable. It is important to be aware of factors affecting value, however, so when buying your items you don't get ripped off.

There are many ways to add to your collection. Of course, if you care to, you can dig around in old barns and sheds, offering owners a nominal fee for something they probably didn't even realize they had. Of course, if you are searching your own barn or shed, it will be free except for the effort. Auctions are excellent sources of items. They may be specialized, in person auctions, or online auctions such as eBay.

Authenticity is an important factor when collection antique advertising signs. People try to pass off fakes in order to get the benefit of the popularity without all the effort. There are certain characteristics to look for when checking for true age. Be sure the so-called age marks are truly that, and not just forced distressing to make it look old. Otherwise, you will end up paying more than the item is worth.

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