How To Buy Used Cars - By: Yolanda Sanchez

The ever increasing number of people belonging to the middle class has brought with it a corresponding increase in the demand for consumer goods such as vehicles. However, with the harsh economic times precipitated by the global economic meltdown, more people are shunning brand new vehicles for the more relatively affordable used cars.

It is estimated that brand new factory cars cost 50% more than the average properly maintained second hand car. This offers lucrative financial incentive for individuals who tight budget seeking to save a cent. Demand for second hand cars has therefore increased.

When going to purchase a second hand vehicle, it is important that enough attention is paid to the condition of the vehicle. It will be unwise to buy a vehicle that has a lot of mileage on was manufactured ages ago as this will reduce its efficiency and affect the desired output. Buyers should therefore always try to get the best for less.

The specifications of the car should be the guiding principle for price negotiations and final purchase. The fuel efficiency, safety ratings, carriage space, and horsepower of the engine go a long way in determining if the vehicle will achieve its intended functions. It is also important to know the mileage already covered by the vehicle. More mileage covered means less charge on the vehicle.

Buyers should also avoid the temptation of going for vehicles with optional equipment and specifications. A taxi driver may never need a turbo engine while a supermarket attendant will not need a bullet proof vehicle.

Used cars dealers usually offer money guarantees if the vehicle is not as the buyer expected. The buyer can therefore get a vehicle that will give maximum utility and satisfaction with the knowledge that it can be returned if it does not.

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