Disabled Ramps Assist More Than You Might Think - By: Michael Obrien

Sometimes it is ignored by most people or just taken for granted, but the ability to walk up stairs is not lost on people with disabilities. The fact that there are really not enough disabled ramps is not only affecting those with disabilities either. People do not consider that sure it has an effect on them, but also the millions of people who are only temporarily disabled from broken legs or surgery.

They are stopped from getting to many places just as much as people with permanent afflictions are. Crutches might not have an issue getting up a set of stairs for example, unless they are very long. But anybody in a wheelchair is surely not going to be climbing stairs to City Hall anytime in the near future. Unless disabled ramps are installed they are not getting there.

It is really an eye opener and probably one of the reasons that people do happen to have a little more empathy for those who cannot walk. Generally people who do not have these issues will take them for granted. It is not their fault and does not necessarily make them bad people, it is just that in their lives they have not had the need for the extra assistance that some others rely on.

Many times the owners or those in charge of designing or installing such features are kind enough to add a walkway, but beyond that they do not add anything else. Just because people can get into the building does not mean they do not need help anymore. They still need to get to elevators or bathrooms or other places. The assistance should not stop at the main entrance.

This has become even more of an issue over the last few years especially because of those returning from Iraq and Afghanistan injured or paralyzed. There have been a sharp increase in the amount of disabled vets as well as applications for disability. These numbers are reflected in the increase in wheelchair sales as well as other devices helpful to such people.

Time and dedication is what it takes for these people and it is never easy. Everything in our world today is made for people with normal capabilities. Therefore those who have a disability need to learn new ways to use things. They have to adjust their way of life and do things in a more difficult and sometimes strange manner just to be able to get by.

These additions are extremely helpful to people who need them. People without walking or transportation issues really do take it for granted. That is one reason for the lack of installs for assistance. It is harder for these folks to see the immediate need that others have for such things, especially since they do not need them.

Disabled ramps when installed can really help those in need. When you cannot gain access to a building, office, or even your home or a friends home it really affects your ability to do the things that you want to do. Sometimes people who suffer these woes temporarily can see the harm it does to others and when they heal they turn around and start to help.

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