Travel With A Yellow Fever Certificate - By: Jonny Blair

A Yellow Fever Certificate is not just essential, but compulsory in some countries. You need to get one before heading off on any kind of adventurous travel. You'll be asked for your Yellow Fever Certificate at some airports and a few land border crossings. Don't take any risks. Get your Yellow Fever Injection before you head off round the world. I'm saying this because it's better to have it in advance than suddenly decide you want to fly to Namibia in two weeks and you won't have time to get a quick one. Of course if you're not a nomad or a spontaneous traveller then you may not need one if you already know the countries you are going to and whether they are at risk or not.

Before setting off on your journeys, it's important to check what injections you need. Pop to see your local travel doctor and they will assist you. Tell them where you are planning to go. In terms of getting the Yellow Fever injection here are the important things to note:

1. Countries will ask to see evidence of it at borders, both land and air. It's better to be prepared for it and have your certificate ready. Why risk getting refused entry to a country?

2. To get a Yellow Fever Injection you need to pay around $60 AU Dollars.

3. Trust travel Doctors - when I'm heading to a new country and I am not sure if I am covered or not, I go to the doctor and don't think twice about paying for the injections. This is my style and you don't have to follow it - but generally I don't take any risks with it. The reason I trust them is it's their job. If someone asks me something as a travel writer, I expect them to trust me as it's my job. I ought to know about it, and a doctor should know about vaccinations for different countries. You can do what research you want online, BUT I don't generally trust it - I go to a doctor. The information sections in Lonely Planet books are also useful.

4. Ensure your Yellow Certificate is valid. It needs to have a stamp and a doctor's signature on it.

5. The only place you can get a Yellow Fever Certificate is from a proper Yellow Fever Approved Vaccine Centre.

6. Make sure you take your Yellow Fever Certificate everywhere you go. Carry it at all times - you never know when it will be asked for.

7. It should be valid for 10 years.

Due to the seriousness of this subject, it's highly important that you head to your local travel doctor and check with him based on the countries you are heading to.

It's really worth getting to keep you safe on your journeys!

As a global nomad it's important to embrace the cultures and places you go and part of this journey is staying safe and healthy on your travels.

What is Yellow Fever? - A deadly disease which has symptoms such as fever, chills and muscle pain.

How does Yellow Fever spread? Similarly to most diseases it is through the bite from a mosquito. Take all precautions.

What Countries Are Affected? - According to the doctors I have spoken to, most of Africa and parts of South America are affected by Yellow Fever. And let's be honest those are two of the best continents to travel in, so you'll need your Yellow Fever Certificate.

How much does it cost to get a Yellow Fever Vaccination? - It should be somewhere between $40 and $90 US Dollars, depending on where you are in the world. Stay safe!

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