Why Internet Marketing Isn't As Affordable As It Seems - By: Russell Howe

For many people, learning how to become your own boss is not as easy at is seems in the advertisements. Most affiliates are failing in opportunities like Empower Network and True Leverage. One of the biggest causes for this failure is the fact that many haphazardly jump into it before looking at the potential risks.

Most affiliates who fail to make their online business work have one thing in common. They were mainly attracted to their chosen opportunity because it carried a very low investment cost and represented what they believed to be little risk. This often comes back to haunt them.

What may initially seem like a low cost is actually not. Sure, your affiliate program may only cost you $25 per month and that certainly is a lot cheaper than running a business in the high street. But that's not the only outgoings you should expect.

The only things your chosen home business provides you with are products and an affiliate plan. They don't provide you with all the extra tools you will need to use if you want to take a simple, low cost opportunity and turn it into a full time income.

While there are many great free resources you can use to establish yourself in the online business world, such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter for example, there are also many services you will need to pay for. These include:

* A website address where you can sell your products

* Sales orientated lead capture pages

* Autoresponder software

* Internet marketing training from reliable sources

* PPC Advertising

Those things are not free. So while it might seem easy and cheap to get involved in an appealing home business opportunity, the fact is you'll need other tools to succeed in the long-term.

Those who stand out within their company do not stick to the bare minimum requirements. They look for methods to help them stand out from their respective crowds, how to stay ahead of the game and dominate search results as well as building that all-important personal brand. You can see these qualities by looking at any successful sponsor. [

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Don't be too hasty to jump into a business opportunity. If your finances are in a bit of a mess then starting your own home business is not a great idea because, despite the low start-up cost, there are numerous challenges along the way which will call for financial action.

In order to discover how to become your own boss you need to start thinking like someone who runs their own business. Lose the overnight success mentality and you're half way there already. Many of the affiliates who fail in opportunities like empower network have the potential to succeed but simply lack the desire to get the tools they need to succeed. Learn from that mistake, rather than copying it.

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Author Resource : Further Details: Russ Howe is now a world leading Empower Network(http://www.empowermoney.com) sponsor. You can view his comprehensive and honest empower network review(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juGJhf_RRJ8) in today's interview, which covers the aspects of the home based business industry which cause most affiliates to fail.