The New Fashion For Charms - By: Anita Hale

Charm bracelets have been in existence for hundreds of years. The way in which we wear them has changed over this time. The first recorded commercial image of a charm bracelet was taken in 1889. It was a Tiffany's silver bracelet featuring a dangling heart charm. This heart is now recognised as part of Tiffany and Co's logo.

The importance of charm jewellery continues to evolve as time goes by. During the Second World War, members of the military tended to invest in charms as a keepsake for their relatives. These charms were handcrafted by locals and kept as a souvenir of the soldiers' tour of duty. By the 1950s the craze for charm bracelets had caught on with children. They enjoyed collecting charms that represented a unique episode in their life.

However, the most recent crop of charm bracelets have been primarily manufactured in Europe. Denmark is the most dominant country when it comes to charm designers. It was the Danish company Trollbeads that brought about the revitalization of charm jewellery during the seventies. These later charm bracelets were distinguishable from the old ones by their modular construction. Danish jewellers' Pandora has a trademarked technique which means that their charms are not able to work on competitors' bracelets. Such systems also make certain that charms will sit safely and securely onto their designated bracelet.

On top of that, nearly all charm manufactures offer various clips and spacers. These are a kind of simplistic charm that remain in a steadfast place on the bracelet. Spacers and clips can be used as a technique of grouping charms together on the bracelet. This stops all the charms from sliding around the bracelet chain during use. Some other brands who use threading programs include OHM, Lovelinks by Aagaard, Links of London and Chamilia.

Europe is unarguably the biggest producer of charms and charm bracelets. But they have also turned out to be massively fashionable in the USA. The key appeal of these more sophisticated charm brands is the adaptability they offer the wearer. There are also many different types of bracelet. You can still buy chain link bracelets like in the old days. But these can only take a fixed range of dangling charms. This is why the newer snake chain bracelets are more popular. They can accommodate a much larger number of charms. Such bracelets are commonly sold in polished silver, 14k gold, oxidized silver, leather and other fabrics.

By the same token the charms are made with various resources. This can have a great effect on their eventual price. Generally charms are created from sterling silver. But there are additional ranges made with gold, wood, enamel and gemstones.

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