How Can I Cure My PC of a Rundll32 Problem? - By: Wayne Davis

With all of the amazing technological advancements in the world of computers and on the internet, it is amazing to think that we are still battling the same error messages that we got back when we were switching from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. Thankfully, Rundll32 problems are significantly less common today than they were 15 years ago, but they can still be a major issue if you happen to run into them. In Windows Vista, there have been a whole host of Rundll32 problems reported, and there is even word out that the same problem exists in the new Windows 7. Since it appears that we wonít be separating ourselves from issues regarding Rundll32.exe, let us take a look at what this file is, why it is so important, and where you may have gotten your Rundll32 problem from in the first place.

What is Rundll32.exe and why do I need it?

Before you set out on your quest to rid your PC of Rundll32 problems once and for all, it is important to understand what the Rundll32.exe file does on your computer. Every PC in the world is chock full of .DLL files. These files are an absolutely vital part of running your PC because they allow different software programs and different pieces of hardware to use the same set of instructions to accomplish tasks, such as how to display on your monitor correctly or how to use your speakers to create sound. If DLL files didnít exist, you would need to have a complete set of these instructions included in every program you downloaded or bought at a store, which would mean that programs in general would be 100 times the size of what they are now. The Rundll32.exe is the program that runs .DLL files. Without it, your computer will grind to a screeching halt. There are a lot of ways your Rundll32.exe program can become damaged, so letís take a look at a few of the top ways.

How did the damage occur?

There are dozens of different ways your Rundll32.exe program can be damaged. Often times, it is an issue regarding viruses. Since Rundll32.exe runs literally thousands of different programs on your computer, you can singlehandedly disable dozens of programs on your machine at the same time by turning off or terminating Rundll32.exe. A virus program may give you a fake warning that Rundll32.exe isnít working properly and that by pressing this button, you can turn it off and your computer will work like it should again. Once you agree to turn Rundll32.exe off, you disable most all programs on your computer, such as your anti virus or your anti-spyware program, which allows the virus to take full control of your PC. Some viruses even erase or permanently damage your Rundll32.exe program so that you can never take a defensive position ever again.

There are other ways your Rundll32.exe program can be damaged, as well. Vista is known far and wide as a fussy operating system. There is a whole range of programs that Vista refuses to run. When you first install Vista, you are given a list of all of the programs that are incompatible with your new operating system, and many of us begrudgingly agree to uninstall our once favourite programs. However, if you donít remove those programs, problems can crop up that can cause issues regarding your Rundll32.exe file. Attempt to remove the problem programs to see if this error message continues to show up.

Preventing the error from happening

As they say, the best way to treat an illness is to not get sick in the first place. By having a strong anti virus program that is regularly updated and in fully functioning order is a good first step in making sure you donít have Rundll32 problems. You also want to be careful when installing new software or downloading software from the Internet that you only use officially licensed programs. When you use sites like BitTorrent to download software, you can often end up with hacked versions that are absolutely rife with bugs, Trojans and other viruses. Protect yourself by paying the extra money up front and only getting official versions of programs. One final tip, if you are getting other .DLL file errors, make sure you write down the error code and follow up. Sometimes, with .DLL files, errors can cascade, which means that one leads to another which leads to another. By noting any error messages you get and taking care of them either by using the Microsoft website or simply using Google, you can avoid the appearance of Rundll32 problems. It is only by taking proactive steps can you avoid the occurrence of a Rundll32.exe issue. Be careful out there, the Internet can be a scary and unhealthy place for unprotected or unprepared PCs.

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