Breastfeeding Tips - 9 Tips for Success - By: Kimberlee Allissa

Did you notice that when you were pregnant, all of a sudden you were getting advice from everyone including friends and strangers? Everyone seemed to have an opinion! Well, this doesn't stop once you have your baby! You can expect to get all kinds of breastfeeding tips from people. Some will be good tips, while others will not be helpful at all. The purpose of this article is to give you some useful tips, and help eliminate some of the confusion.

What you will realize is that you will receive some conflicting advice, and sometimes you just need to do what makes most sense to you. Learn to trust your judgement, as you know your baby best. I wish that I had known this with my first baby, as it would have made the breastfeeding experience even better and extended. However, I used what I learned to carry it forward with my second baby, and had a very successful experience.

The most important tips that I can give you are summarized as follows:

* Learn the correct latch - Using a correct latch will prevent sore nipples, cracks, and potential for breastfeeding infections. It will also ensure that your baby gets enough milk, and stimulates the breast to produce more milk.

* If you still end up with cracks, immediately try to find out what the problem is, because once it is solved, the cracks should improve and go away.

* Before your baby is born, read as much as you can and watch videos or watch real-life moms nursing their babies.

* Learn the proper way to hold your baby at the breast, as this will ultimately affect the latch.

* If you want to be discreet about nursing when you leave your home, there are bras and special nursing tops that can help you achieve this.

* Find yourself a supportive, non-judgmental lactation consultant that can help you if you run into any problems.

* Be prepared to buy a breastpump, if you need to pump to relieve engorged breasts or to encourage the manufacturing of more breastmilk.

* Be prepared to spend a lot of time nursing your baby at the start, so you may want to delay plans to go out, and to limit the amount of visitors.

* It is rare that a mom will not have enough milk for her baby!

So, if everyone you meet is suddenly giving you breastfeeding tips, remember the ones I just provided you. At a time when you are learning so much new stuff, you want to make sure that the advice you listen to is helpful and being provided by someone who knows what she is talking about.

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